Recipe of Mozaik Pasta

Not at first Turkish, yet a particularly standard cake in Turkey. Various coolers in Turkey has one in it right now. Staggeringly basic, kids love it, no warming, no curveballs.

Components for Eggless;

  • Mosaic 2
  • packpetibor
  • biscuits4
  • tablespoons
  • butter
  • 1 cup ofmilk
  • 5 tablespoons
  • granulated
  • sugar3 tablespoonscocoa

The Tip of Eggless Mosaic Cake Recipe;

If you wish, you can incorporate chocolate, hazelnut, walnut, shelled nut, for instance, including nuts can in like manner prepare.


  1. Break the egg in a little bowl. Whisk.
  2. Break down the margarine in a pot over low warmth. Try to watch it, not to expend it.
  3. Close the glow and expeditiously incorporate the sugar, cacao, milk and vanilla. Mix well. By then incorporate the deplete and mix again.
  4. In a colossal pot crumble the bread rolls. Make an effort not to leave them exorbitantly immense, anyway don’t change them into powder either.
  5. Incorporate the divided walnuts, a lemon’s energy, margarine and cacao mix to the bread rolls.
  6. Put the mix into the cooler for 15 minutes.
  7. Expel from cooler, give the shape you need. You can put them into cupcake papers, or a cake plate or make a triangle prizma which is the typical shape given in Turkey.
  8. Keep it in the cooler for in any occasion 2 hours. Cut and serve.
  9. Organization Suggestion for Eggless Mosaic Cake Recipe
  10. You can have chocolate sauce on it and present with coconut grater.
  11. Whatever degree is Mosaic Cake Stored in an Ice Cube Tray?

The most noteworthy period of the mosaic cake is the virus time in the wake of shaping the cake. For those of you who state nerede Where is the mosaic cake? M, the mosaic cake is taken care of in the cooler. In case you state, “To what degree does the mosaic cake set?”, It won’t be consolidated in case it is kept in the cooler for a brief time span. In case it remains unreasonably long, it will set and won’t be eaten considering the way that it has a hard consistency. In case you don’t have a ton of time and need to eat up your mosaic cake as quick as would be reasonable, leave it in the cooler for at any rate 2 hours. The ideal holding up time is 4 hours. If it isn’t cemented inside this period, you should hold up fairly more. The best affirmation is to make the cerebral pain in the initial segment of the day and eat up by cutting.

How to Make Pudding Mosaic Cake?

  1. In case you have to make mosaic cake in an astoundingly helpful and light way without using eggs, cream and margarine, pudding is set up for you.
  2. Scones and pudding join to make a recipe that everyone will worship.
  3. We unequivocally propose that you endeavor this recipe.
  4. Here are the essential materials for making pudding mosaic cake.

Components for Pudding Mosaic Cake:

  • 500 ml. Milk
  • 1 pack of chocolate pudding
  • 1 pack petibor bread rolls

How to Make Pudding Mosaic Cake?

Put the milk in a pot and incorporate the chocolate pudding powder mix on top. Air pocket and cook until the eye is diminish. By then close the base of the stove. In a significant bowl, crush a pack of pötibör bread rolls coarsely, pour hot cocoa pudding on top and mix well. Void the prepared mix into a stick shape where you stretch the film and allow it to stay in the refrigerator medium-term in the wake of landing at room temperature. The next day, flip around the shape on a serving plate and oust with the help of a stretch film and take out the stretch film. Serve by cutting. Various nuances of the equation are here: Pudding mosaic cake recipe!

How is the Mosaic Cake Shaped?

Mosaic cake can be framed in the cake structure if you wish, you can similarly wrap with stretch film triangle or adjust and empty shape. Spread the mosaic cake in the stretch film and move it as a move from the benefit to the other side to give an adjust and empty shape. Leave in the cooler. To shape the triangle, shape it up by crushing the edges and structure a triangle and store it in the cooler. Recognize the stretch film into the cake structure to shape the cake shape. Move the mosaic paste mortar. Amass from left to straightforwardly with stretch film and spread it. Stop in the cooler.

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